School Ethos

Crestwood Community School is committed to excellence through empowering all learners to achieve success.

We aim:

  • to encourage learners to be responsible and to respect the needs and rights of others
  • to empower learners to embark on journeys of self belief, enrichment and achievement
  • to enable learners to develop skills and knowledge that are relevant, flexible and transferable
  • to offer a rich, diverse and inclusive curriculum with progression opportunities for all
  • to motivate learners to embrace challenges, to have high aspirations, continue with life long learning and be good citizens
  • to continue to develop our outstanding practices through a collaborative approach

Priorities and objectives:

  • Every learner achieves and makes outstanding progress
  • To continue to develop an inclusive, innovative and diverse curriculum
  • Ensure assessment of and for learning is evident across all areas
  • Maximise the use of qualitative and quantitative data to enhance the progress of all learners
  • To equip learners with the relevant and transferable skills which will encourage independence


  • Develop further our innovative professional learning community
  • To develop our teaching pedagogy to support the achievement and progress of all learners
  • To deepen our understanding and application of how new technologies can enhance learning
  • To further enhance our understanding of coaching and collaborative learning
  • Develop rigorous and stringent quality assurance to promote consistent, high quality and effective teaching and learning for all


  • Promote a positive learning culture that challenges and empowers
  • Further enhance our culture where learners understand rights, respect and responsibilities
  • Ensure all learners are equipped and ready for learning
  • Engaging learners in deepening our understanding of effective practice
  • Recognise and celebrate all learners talents and potential


  • Raising aspirations for all in our learning community
  • Support and enable all learners to make informed choices regarding their future pathways
  • To enhance and promote Crestwood as a centre of excellence and opportunity for all of our learning community
  • Continue to work collaboratively with families to ensure positive outcomes for all

The school rules are as follows:

  • To be ready to come to school organised and prepared for the day ahead. With the right equipment, uniform and attitude which will allow they to succeed in their learning.
  • To be responsible to think before they act; to follow instructions for health and safety reasons; to use social media appropriately.
  • To be respectful towards each other, the staff, the school itself and their environment.