“Raising money for projects large and small, to enhance our students’ experience and promote community cohesion”



  • Chair: Alex Murray-Twinn
  • Secretary: Justine Sayers
  • Treasurer: Jo Barratt


The CCIA (Crestwood’s PTA), formed in October 2017, are a group of friendly, approachable parents, school staff and members of the local community, coming together to organise fun events to raise money for projects that benefit the school and the community.

So far, funds raised have paid for after school clubs and equipment/ingredients, pizzas and snacks for GCSE revision sessions, Duke of Edinburgh equipment, Easter Eggs for local charities, support for local OAP's, prom tickets for Year 11 children otherwise unable to attend, new MFL books and resources, Red Box and much more!

We do try to do most of our organisation online together as we are aware that it's hard to find a convenient time for all of us to meet, so the time commitment is minimal. We do need more help to support events like school discos, refreshments at concerts, and performances and end of term cake sales etc

Please get in touch with Alex ( of Justine ( if you would like to offer help in whatever form - time, ideas, match funding, baking or support at events.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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